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Our bow ties are eye-catching and beautiful.  When selecting our fabrics we look for a beautiful weave, rich colors and quality natural fibers.  The gentlemen who wear our bow ties inspire us to be truly cordial.  We hope to be the most cordial brand you will ever find.

Most of our bow ties are made here in Rock Hill, SC right after they are ordered. This helps us offer more fabrics and options to you because we understand that bow ties aren't really "one size fits all".  It is so rare for us to have people return bow ties, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, let us know.  We'll try to pair you with a product you are happy with or we can accept it back and give you a refund.  


It all started when owner, Ellie Stager made a bow tie for her husband Andy out of some leftover seersucker fabric in spring of 2009.  When Andy posted it on our twitter people started asking if they could get one too.  Pretty soon, we set up a sewing studio in our spare bedroom and started sewing away.  And before we knew it, what started out as a hobby turned into a business.  

In March of 2012, we were able to take the bow tie operation into a studio in the Historic district of downtown Rock Hill, SC.  Ellie along with 4 other employees work together to make your bow tie experience with us just perfect.  We're interested in the personal aspect of running a small business.  Even though we run an online store, we want you to feel like you know us.

Ellie, Carlee, Dominique and Christie work together to produce most of the bow ties.  You may like to know that Carlee and Dominique are also very talented artists and can be found drawing or painting beautiful things when they aren't sewing beautiful things.  Erica is our office administrator and Ellie runs the business while also parenting three adorable boys.  

Carlee, Erica, Ellie, Dominique in the TCC studio. Yes, we are drinking cordials in this picture.


Owners Andy and Ellie Stager with sons Deacon, Owen and Wycliffe.

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