366 Bow Ties: Day 5


This is only sort of contrived. I actually bought Ellie these flowers and carted them home on the bicycle just the other day. And Deacon always asks for "hard bread", so I frequently bring him home baguettes. It was Man Date day for Deacon and me.


Today's bow tie is a simple gray chambray in diamond point; one of our best sellers.  Not as rugged as the denimesque blue chambray from Day 3.  I decided, on this sunny and warm winter Carolina day to symbolize my solidarity with those suffering from the gloom of SADD in the grimly gray and icy blue Chirstmasless Ohio snow belt. Gray and blue from head to toe. Seems boring and nearly monochromatic. But what adds interest (to me anyway) is the textural variance: narrow-wale gray corduroys, blue/white university stripe oxford button down, grosgrain ribbon navy & white watch band, gray herringbone jacket, soft cotton gray socks, and our gray chambray bow tie.


Two details remind us that, even for an Ohioan, the sun does in fact exist, even if it can't be seen for 6 months. First, a silk orange floral pocket square, peeking out of the herringbone breast pocket like an apocalyptic sunrise. Second, a horse hoof pick belt I scored at a new local consignment store for just a few bucks the other day. This actually may be the most contrived thing on this post, as I have no clue how a horse hoof pick is actually used, or any interest in things equestrian. (I'm more of a Vespa tie bar kind of guy.)20120105-171840.jpg


I got a little something in the mail today. Man's Face Stuff Mustache Wax, made in Portland, Oregon. Gin and Tonic scent for me, please. While I'm being ambitious here in the first days of 2012, I figured, why not try a handlebar mustache? We'll see. Even if the mustache is ugly, it serves as a yummy smell holder just beneath my sniffer. No guts, no glory, right?


And really, that's the kind of chutzpah that's called for to be a bow tie wearer. You've got to take neither yourself, nor the people who think you're a big dork, very seriously. That's the way I look at it, anyway. "Yes, I have a piece of cloth knotted up in a bow around my neck. Yes, I know that's kind of silly. But so is life, sometimes."

Get this very gray chambray bow tie for just $29.  You never know--I might throw a baguette and some flowers in for free.


New in the Store: Cordies by Young Man / Old Man

We're proud to unveil a new collaboration.  Are you ready?

Why should your survival precautions render you unstylish?  We know this is the perennial question of mankind.  So we're offering an answer.

Behold: Cordies.

You've never seen a happier marriage of form and function.  You'll also be the only person you see in your town wearing such a killer pair of sunglass retainers--that is, until Conor of Young Man/Old Man becomes rich and famous for his one-of-a-kind sartorial innovation.

I'm not at all an outdoorsman, and I rarely feel the obligation to be the hero-in-waiting, prepared with whatever Macgyveresque supplies would be necessary to save a small village.  What I care about is looking cool--or at least looking like I know I'm cool, even if, in fact, I look like a goob.  This is why I wear bow ties in a world where Madonna has convinced everyone that it's ok to wear your underwear on the outside in public.  And this is why I'll be rocking Young Man/Old Man's collaboration with The Cordial Churchman on my Ray Ban Clubmasters whenever theres the slightest bit of photosynthesis happening in the plant kingdom around me.

I've always felt that the popular version of sunglass retainers (I hear they're called 'Croakies'?) just looks a little too--what shall we say?--collegiate for yours truly.  With undergraduate days almost a decade in my rear view mirror, I was looking for something a little like an upgrade from flip flops to bucks, from a Jansport to a leather satchel.  Cordies are just the ticket, I think you'll agree.  And, of course, one is not excluded from taking a more grown-up sartorial stance in one's undergraduate years.  It's just that I wasn't cool enough to have struck such a pose in my days at Kent State.

Before I undercut sales by sounding like a pretentious jerk-head (oh…it's too late? I already have?), let me just lay these out on the table for you to admire.  Handmade.  Available in royal blue, olive, black, orange, and camouflage.  Hand-knotted in Carolina.  Lasts you till you lose it.  Might just save your life.  $18.

Put This On -- Personal Style

Ever wondered what goes on at the annual meetings of the Corduroy Appreciation Club?

Our man Jesse Thorn of Put This On explores the elements of 'personal style'. Enjoy. And keep your eyes peeled for a special collaboration between The Cordial Churchman and Put This On! [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/26879757 w=500&h=281]

Put This On, Episode 7: Personal Style from Put This On on Vimeo.

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