How long does it take for my order to ship?

We make and ship the majority of our orders within three to five business days.  If you need it sooner, let us know and we'll get it in the mail as soon as we can. The rare exceptions are Easter, Father’s Day, National Bow Tie Day (Aug 28) and Black Friday; in which when we receive an enormous amount of orders and it could take 8-10 days to ship.  We ask for a little more time if you'd like to customize by monogramming or placing a larger order of 10+ ties.  

Do you ship internationally?

Definitely! We ship via Priority Mail International or Priority Express International. You are responsible to pay any import dues or fees owed according to your country's regulations.

Do you still convert neckties to bow ties?

Yes! Send us your necktie and we will gladly turn it into a good-looking bow for you. See more details here.

What about custom bow ties?  I'm interested in a set of these for my wedding.

You got it. We start out by sending you a set of our swatches that coordinate with your color palette. If nothing quite suits, we work to find some fabric for you to purchase and send us for a custom set. We have worked with a wide variety of fabrics, and our customers have been nothing less than thrilled with the results.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be perfectly happy with your purchase and you are welcome to return anything that does not meet your satisfaction. Please keep in mind though that most of our bow ties are made-to-order to better ensure our customers' satisfaction. Being a small business, we prefer to offer store credit or exchanges. We are also happy to send complimentary swatches of fabric.

Do you make kids ties?

We sure do. They come pre-tied with a velcro strap that fastens in the back, and we have three size ranges: Age 0-1 year, Age 1-3 years, Age 4-7 years. For kids ages 8 and up, we recommend our Junior bow tie, which comes pre-tied with a hook and clasp in the back. The Bow Tie Trainer, as we call it.