Convert Your Necktie into a Bow Tie

Send us your old neckties and we'll turn them into new bow ties for you. You can even choose the style - diamond point, straight, classic butterfly, or narrow butterfly.   Learn more about bow tie styles.

We'll keep your directional ties facing vertically also. Feel free to email any questions to us.

If you are sending a check with the ties, write it to “The Cordial Churchman”. Please include shipping costs, as well as an email address and phone number.
(Shipping costs - 1-5 ties, $5; 5-10 ties $7; 10-15 ties $9)

The turnaround time for this process is within 5 days of receiving your neckties. We ask to allow a little more time for larger orders or if it is during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday time of year.

Ship them to us at:

The Cordial Churchman
John Chambers
512 Wentworth Farm Circle
Boiling Springs, SC 29316

Wrap ties or fabric in plastic or put in a Ziplock bag to protect them.
Include a note with preferred style, return shipping address, and any other special instructions.

**Please understand that converting neck ties involves demolition. There are very, very rare occasions where delicate or old fabrics may become flawed during the conversion process.  The Cordial Churchman cannot be held responsible for the value of the tie you send us for demolition and reconstruction.  

Feel free to send jewelry, hand-drawn letters and words, candy, chocolate, heirloom seeds, tea, books, special fabric, etc. along with your ties to make us smile.

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