Bow Tie of the Month Society Membership

You're serious about cultivating your bow tie addiction in the company of your peers. Or you've given up talking sense into the bow tie aficionado in your life.

Introducing the official Cordial Churchman Bow Tie of the Month Society. A customized bow tie of your choosing, every month.
-One Custom Bow Tie Each Month* 
-Exclusive Preview of New Bow Ties 
-Exclusive Members-Only Bow Tie Offerings
-Free Shipping in USA**
Once you purchase your Society membership, we'll be in touch to get you started.  For free shipping, just enter SocietyMemberShipping in the Discount Code section when you check out.
Giving a Society membership as a gift? Fantastic idea. We'll be in touch with you to get the recipient's contact info.
Have a question about how it works? Contact us: 
*Pick from bow ties valued at $32. Premium bow ties may be selected for an additional charge.
**International memberships are possible. Contact us for more info.

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