September 02, 2009


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Dear Gordon Gee

I am writing you to tell you of my bow tie business, The Cordial Churchman.  One of the professors of your school ordered a bow tie from me.  He told me that your school is very accustomed to bow ties since you wear one every day.  How many bow ties do you own?  I've heard that you own over 900 and that one of your bow ties has visited outer space.  I have a new collection of Bow Ties that I'll be posting on my store on Monday.  Could you please check them out and see if any of them interest you?  Today, I made a 2 inch diamond point fall colored madras tie that I think you would love.   It would be my honor to have you wear one of my custom bow ties.  Also, if you have any neck ties in the bottom of your closet, I'd be happy to convert them into bow ties for you.

With Kindest Regards,