three ball cascade

We are on a two hour delay here at my house. Everybody went to bed last night two hours later than normal, woke up later, ate later etc. I'm still in shock that it is already 3:30 in the afternoon. I just finished lunch! Things in our house have been a little bit strange lately. We got back from our Ohio trip almost a week ago. South Carolina weather has been so great. We were even able to spend a good bit of Saturday doing some spring cleaning while the boys took wonderfully long afternoon naps. I can now see most of the floor and walls of the sun room of our house. This is quite an accomplishment.


I've been really jealous of Andy lately because he could juggle so well. Deacon really likes to watch him juggle things and often hands him three balls to juggle. When Andy wasn't around, he would ask me to juggle and I would try to throw two balls in the air, my sorry excuse for juggling. Eventually, I would actually try to juggle and fail miserably time and time again. After chasing balls all over the house, under couches and chairs, i decided that I wouldn't learn to juggle without some proper juggling balls. So I got some balloons and rice and made my own juggling balls. I even enlisted Deacon's help with making them. He thought it was so much fun. I wouldn't say I'm a pro, but I have been practicing for a few days now. I am not too shabby... for a girl.



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March 25, 2008

That’s awesome! I would find it quite entertaining watching you learn how to juggle. :)

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