Cordial Wedding Etiquette: Groom's Wardrobe


So....hmmm....most of us are aware of bad fashion mistakes. Bless Dwight's heart.


When it comes to a wedding, the fashion mistakes may be more subtle. Fashion etiquette may or may not be important to you. If not, talk to your fiancee; it may be important to your bride and family. Remember, the pictures last a lifetime. Decisions on what you wear should be based on kindness and consideration. Future grooms, you will probably think more about this outfit than any other you will wear!

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The time of day dictates what you wear, as well as the season and location of the wedding. Emily Post wrote an etiquette book in 1922 and it is considered to be the standard when considering what to wear to a wedding; however, we are in a constantly changing world so consider using her rules as a preliminary guideline. Also, consider what the bride is wearing when determing which outfit to wear. You want to compliment her fashion choices.

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Emily Post:

Formal: Cutaway or tailcoat.

Semiformal: Sack coat or tuxedo.

Informal: Dark business suit or jacket.

If you are going for a formal look in a tuxedo, consider one of our formal bow ties.  We suggest our Black Satin bow tie to be worn with tuxedos with satin lapels and our Black Faille Bow Tie to be worn with tuxedos that have grosgrain lapels.  The white pique bow tie would look smashing with either tuxedo.  And remember, for winged collars we can make fitted bow ties so that you don't have to have the bow tie hardware visible.

Now if you are getting married in July outside in Orlando at 3 p.m. and the wedding is semiformal, you may suffocate in a tuxedo. Linen suits are a better option.

One final tip. Remember - for almost every blazer or coat that is single breasted, you need to unbutton the bottom button!



**** Have any etiquette questions you would like us to answer? Please let us know! Audrey is not Emily Post, but she has been a bridesmaid in over 20 weddings, was married in 2004, and collects etiquette books. She will do her best to help



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