Despite my best intentions

to blog often enough to get a bit if inertia on this blog, I've been quite busy caring for and cleaning up after sick children this week. I'm exhausted and praying that I will not catch the bug.

Andy left my camera in Columbia, so the new blogs won't have my pictures, but I have some good ideas for posts for next week and possibly even sound clips from my most recent gig at the sylviatheater.

Some of the things I'd like to cover in the next few days are:
-Groceries: Budgeting, planning, and ways to cut the bill.
-The new easter coveralls I am (planning on) making for the boys.
-My new aqua trench coat and other great thrift store finds- I seriously made out like a bandit filling up a trash bag for $7!
-A new way of eating, and response to Heidi's quest for thinness diet.




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