Some of the music I've been listening to lately...

In the Car: Joshua Tree, U2

As I'm painting our bedroom (that's a whole 'nother post): Robinella

On an afternoon run: Boxer, The National

When I'm supporting local music: Dylan Sneed,  Hannah Miller and Mark Mathis

When I need inspiration to practice my banjo: Crooked StillTallest Man

While the kids are playing: The Weepies

After the kids go to bed and before I do: Mason Jennings

When Andy's coming home and I want him to be in an especially good mood: M.Ward

During Family Devotions: The 10 Commandments

When I'm rocking Owen to sleep in the middle of the night watching the Public television channel: The Police Reunion Tour

Now back to painting... Before, during and after pictures will follow this week.




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