Flowers in the garden

When I came back from my trip to Phoenix I found a blooming rose bush- didn't even know I had a rose bush.  She is mixed in an enormous hedge at the side of the yard.

I also planted a couple of moonflower plants today that I had growing in a pot.  The moonflower is a climber so I planted it next to a pillar by our walkway.  I hope it works (like this lady's vine) Maybe it will climb up the decorative flower first.  The flowers are said to be big, fragrant and attractive to beautiful moths.  

After Andy picked me up from the airport we stopped at the Junior League thrift store and I picked up these babies.  I know I'm like the last person in the world to finally get cool rain/gardening boots, but I couldn't ever justify spending $20 on rubber shoes.  I'm glad I waited.  These were only $8, LLBean brand, quite comfy and they don't go all the way up my leg which makes them much more cool.  I wore them all morning while we played outside in the damp yard.  

And the little white and pink flowers by the boots are begonias.  I planted them just for fun.  As long as I can keep the kids from stepping on them and the dog from peeing on them, they should be in good shape.  I think we've already ruined a few of my begonia plants for those reasons.  Everyone has heard me raise my voice enough to stay clear of my flower patch now.



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