Driving Through the Night

Why we liked it-

no traffic on I-77 the whole trip from SC to OH

listening to our own choice of music and talks

no squealing from child #2

getting to watch my adorable children sleep

drinking fully loaded coffee at 10pm

we actually got to see the sunrise

snacking like a college kid all night long

chili lime plantains- fiesta in your mouth- sure to keep you from falling asleep at the wheel

Why we didn't like it so much-

strange tummy ache the next day

constant adjusting of dangling sleeping heads

the boys had no interest in going back to sleep once we arrived

everyone was a bit grumpier (except me of course) from sleeping less than usual

seeing relatives for the first time in a while with giant bags under the eyes

didn't get to crochet or read while we drove

finding a nice potty and coffeeshop is much harder in the middle of the night.

Will we do it again?
Most definitely- But I need to make another run to the hispanic grocery store first.



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