Bowties Bowties Bowties!

Well, It seems that all of Andy's seminary and twitter friends want seersucker bowties.  I've spent hours cutting fabric and interfacing and meticulously sewing the cute little things.  He's taken about 15 orders in less than 24 hours.  I'm a bit overwhelmed but still having fun.  Sewing with the kids around is impossible so these people are dependent on me sewing during naptime and bedtime.



But it looks nice.  I've created my pattern based on a JOS A Bank tie that Andy has.  The width is 2 3/8 ".  The size is adjustable and I'm happy to make the bow wider or narrower. If you want one- or want to buy one for your dad for father's day, the price is $23 which includes shipping.   I may entertain the idea of trying different colors.  

JUST CLICK HERE it will take you to my paypal account so that you can buy one for yourself.  




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