Little Boy's ribbon belt and diamond point seersucker tie

I found some adorable fabric at Ashville Cotton Company yesterday.  I didn't even know what I was going to do with it, but today, I decided to use a little bit to make a ribbon belt for my 3 year old.  Sorry, as all crafting happens while children are sleeping, I don't have a picture of him wearing it.  But I was so excited to show it off I just had to post it tonight.  

I'm also quite fond of my first ever diamond seersucker tie which someone ordered by special request.  It looks really huge on me, but on a man with a dress shirt it would (obviously) look a bit more appropriate.  I just didn't have Andy around to model for me.

I'm pretty sure I tied it wrong, but you get the idea.  I bet Andy's going to want me to make him a diamond point tie now.  They are really neat.



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June 12, 2009

You look stinkin cute in a bow-tie Ellie. ;) I love the cars, too.

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