A New Color - Yellow/Green Seersucker Bowtie

OK, It seems that This Place has turned into a bit of a bowtie explosion, but I promise I will try to make and blog about other things- BUT I had to share the newest color.  A very nice gentleman asked if I could do a Yellow/Green reversible and I just couldn't say no.  So Here's his tie.

Bowties can be purchased by clicking THIS LINK- or e-mailing me at ellielaveer@gmail.com to place your special order.  I now have gentlemen in Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia, Vermont, Mississippi, South Carolina, Connecticut and North Carolina wearing my ties.  A professor at an distinguished southern university said this when he recieved his tie in the mail today.

The bow tie I bought from you arrived today. It's lovely! I'll have to get use out of it here in the South before I move out to Berkeley, where I'll wear it anyways, so as to antagonize hippies. Their pony-tails will spin!

Now I just have two more things to say...

1- It seems that my sewing machine is going to have to be permanently out and ready for sewing so I'll have to set up a studio in my house.  Does anyone in the Rock Hill area have a desk they would be willing to give me or sell to me (for cheap) so that I can use it to hold my sewing machine and sewing supplies?

2- I love my husband.  He has been such a patient, supportive dear through all this.  He tries on many of the ties so that I can make sure they look just right.  He models for me.  He doesn't get mad at me even though the dining room looks like seersucker vomit.  And when I'm not looking, he corrects all my grammatical errors on my blog.  Thank-you, honey.  You're the best.

[Edit - thanks, Ellie ;-) ]



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