Three New Bow Ties

I'm still trying to work out the design on the new store, but since I don't have any real design skills I'm going to have to wait for someone to make something up for me.  But the store does seem to be working well.  I just added three new ties to it.  Here are the images - you can click on them and they will take you straight to The Cordial Churchman Store.

I'm still working through some neck ties that some of you have sent me to convert.  It is so fun to see the variety of ties that come through to me in the mail.  Once I work my way through those, I'll get you some new ties.  It is my goal to have my store fully stocked before I have my Thanksgiving break.  Also, I'm sorry for the confusion but the ties on this website are also still for sale - I just have to take new pictures to list it on the bigcartel store and you need time to do things like that!  But if you want any of the ties there or have any questions - just shoot me an e-mail at

Good Evening All.




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Jim Reilly
Jim Reilly

December 06, 2009

I am looking for Christmas style bow ties for my grandsons, ages 5 & 8; any ideas?

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