Gift Certificates Now Available

So I've actually gotten 2 e-mails within the past few days which have said something to the effect of:

"My boyfriend is obsessed with your bow ties and I want to buy him one".  

So I've decided to add a gift certificate to the website so that if you can't choose, he can come back later and choose his own.  Or, he can mail me his neck tie to convert or even his own fabric.

So hop on over to the STORE and buy your favorite man a few gift certificates.  Now I'm working on a printable certificate that the purchasers can use to represent their gift. 

And for those who may be interested- I'm working on a Carolina (scarlet and black) and Clemson (pruple and orange) gingham bow tie.  They are really fun.  I've also ordered some lovely seersucker and madras (straight from India) for the spring and summer.  I can't wait for summer to come back!  Cotton bow ties are wonderful.



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