Custom Tartan Bow Tie


Over christmas season, I had quite a few girlfriends and wives who wanted to buy bow ties for their loved ones. Here is one such bow tie. She ordered the Sutherland wool tartan from a scottish weaver and mailed it to me to turn into a bow tie and pocket square.


While I don't have intentions of selling pocket squares, sometimes I say yes when asked. Usually I tell people to buy them from Kent Wang who makes especially wonderful pocket squares, but this was an unusual circumstance because it was custom fabric.  It's kindof fun to make these because it gets me away from my sewing machine.   


He actually wrote a comment here on the blog when he received it:

I just got my Christmas gift from my girlfriend- the Ancient Sutherland Tartan bow and pocket square. Fantastic work, again.
I'll be sure to send a picture when I get to wearing it.
Thanks and happy holidays!

Let's hope he sends me the picture.  I'd love to see it!

I made this pocket square while watching Last Days Of Disco on hulu.  I'm kindof a sucker for those Whit Stillman movies although since there's so much dialogue, sometimes it takes me an extra viewing or two to catch it all.



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