Square-end Neck Ties

It is felicitous that square-end neck ties are coming back into style, because making those points on standard long ties is a pain in the neck.  And really, these are pretty cool, no?  Put on one of these slim (2 1/4'') bad boys, and you're tipping your hat to The Beatles and throwing some smart casual into your neck tie collection.  

The Joshua Madras Square-End is named after our second-most handsome model.  The navy blue base color scheme makes this patchwork madras workable for Indian Summer, and perhaps beyond.

Josh and Andy demonstrate the versatility of the Gray Chambray square-end neck tie.  Chilled the heck out with jeans and an unbuttoned top button; a subtle lean toward casual with a navy blazer, white oxford, and a pocket square.

The Samuel Square-End was donned by our friend last week at a very important job interview.  The guy hadn't a clue how to tie the thing.  Rumor has it the interview went really well.  Surely it had much to do with the volumes spoken by The Samuel with a white oxford, blue blazer, and khakis.

For all you folks in the Southern Hemisphere, consider the Owen Madras (left) or the Jeremiah Madras (below) for the spring and summer.

With any square-end neck tie purchase, The Cordial Churchman will send you one brown vintage knit wool square-end necktie free.

Head over to the square-end corner of the store and before you know it, the courier will be at your door with your new piece of haberdashery.



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