Club Diamond Point Bow Ties & Top Shelf Flea

This might be my favorite bow tie shape yet.  It combines the nerd-coolness of the straight batwing bow tie with the "yes, my bow tie has points on the end.  Got a problem with that?" of the diamond point bow tie.

These club diamond-point bow ties look especially snazzy in traditional stripes, though they'll work nicely for other patterns as well.  If you've got some silk patterned neck ties in your closet you're not wearing, pass them on to The Cordial Churchman and have them converted.

I'm pleased to be making some of these available at the 2nd Semi-annual TOP SHELF FLEA market, presented by Giuseppe, author of the best style-on-the-cheap blog out there: An Affordable Wardrobe. If you're in Boston, you'll not want to miss it.  One of these days I'm going to get there myself.

Flea poster

Look for the club diamond point option for any custom bow tie on the store soon. Until then, feel free to request it in the 'notes' section of any order.

PS--If you'd like to read Giuseppe's interview with me from the last Top Shelf Flea, you can find it here.

PSS--I've just noticed that Giuseppe is wearing a charcoal wool bow tie from The Cordial Churchman in his most recent post.



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