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One of the coolest things about running The Cordial Churchman is the chance to make people really happy.  We've been so busy trying to make people's Christmases merry that we've hardly had time to tell you about some of the cool things happening with TCC. (More on that to come in a subsequent post.)

[caption id="attachment_998" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photographer Caroline Fontenot had her husband rock this TCC bow tie for their incredible Christmas card photo. Click the photo to head to her website and see more of her work!"][/caption]

We spent lots of really late nights in the studio making lots of bow ties for husbands and boyfriends.  At one point we got to thinking about how all the college folks were pulling all-nighters cramming for final exams and finishing up projects they'd put off til the 11th hour.  We reminisced about how when we were dating, exam time was an excuse to sit at an all-night diner together.  Those were good times.  But we agreed that we were very, very glad not to be up late studying.

And then it occurred to us that we were virtually doing the same thing---staying up ridiculously late, night after night, getting all those wool and velvet bow ties off in time to be donned at Christmas parties or put under the tree for some lucky dude.   It kind of took us back 10 years.  It also made us chuckle to think of how laughable it would have been if someone had told us that, a decade later, we'd trade Microeconomics and Astronomy for chambray and patch madras!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="478" caption="Sometimes a customer's greatest joy is in finding a 2nd life for a necktie that's showing its age a bit. Click the image to see Dustin's blog post chronicling the transformation of his neck tie into a bow tie."][/caption]

At some point on Christmas day, we suddenly realized---gosh, tons of people just received new bow ties from The Cordial Churchman for Christmas!  I wonder what they all thought of them?  How many people put them on right away?  How many people exclaimed "Wow! This is...uhhh....this is great!  Um...what is it?"  How many people spent an hour in front of the mirror with a YouTube video trying to figure out how to tie it up?

If you got one of our bow ties for Christmas, we hope you like it!

Sometimes folks write to say that they like their TCC goods.  It really makes Ellie's day, and it makes me really proud of her.  We thought we'd go ahead and share some of these notes. Forgive us if it seems a little self-indulgent.

I received the ties I ordered a few weeks back and just wanted to let you know that I love them.  I now have 5 ties (4 bows and 1 necktie), and have been spreading the word about your great service and quality. Congratulations on your business and keep up the great work.  Thanks so much.

Mount Ida, Arkansas


I received the bow tie yesterday: it is lovely, and your packaging was too.  I am wearing the tie today and it has already been complimented.

Jefferson City, Missouri


I own several bow ties all from various stores like Men's Wearhouse and the like. Recently I purchased your James tie. It is the first time I ever was complimented on the bow tie I was wearing and I wasn't complimented just once, I was complimented five times in one day. How can I not buy another?

Harper's Ferry, WV


My first bow tie purchase has been a great success thanks to you!  I love the quality, look, and feeling of the tie.  I only bought one to kind of test drive this whole process, but after having it go so smoothly I won't look anywhere else!  Thanks again for what you do!

Derry, New Hampshire

Mrs. Laveer,

I'm sure I'm not the first person to praise your bow tie-crafting skills and I certainly don't think I'll be the last.  A few hours ago I received the glen plaid tie you had made for me and just now I tried it on.  It was stunning.  As soon as I saw myself in the mirror donning the finished product all I could say was, "Wow."  Your attention to detail and obvious care in making each piece is astounding; this bow tie will certainly stand out as one of my favorites.  Thank you so much!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Hi Ellie,

I stumbled across your line about a year and a half ago, but dragged my feet on actually placing an order.  Even I can't procrastinate forever, though, and I finally ordered a bow tie from you "The Hound" wool a few weeks ago.  I can't tell you how impressed I am with the quality.  It's a great tie, in the exact proportions I wanted.  The fabric is actually even cooler than I anticipated.  Great tie at a great price, and I couldn't be happier.  You'll definitely be getting another order from me soon.

Cambridge, Massachusetts


Dear Ellie,

You seem commited to quality and a good product and yet are offering great value too. It's nice because it feels like you love what you do, instead of just wanting to maximise profits and turnover, and that is very rare these days.  I hope to order a tie when I get my next pay cheque, thanks.

London, England




Caroline Fontenot
Caroline Fontenot

December 29, 2010



January 09, 2011

One of the coolest things about having my resurrected tie is knowing about the integrity of the family from whence it rose! Happy New Year.


December 29, 2010

I loved reading this post! May I add that the gift certificates are great too…since I wanted to give a tie but didn’t want to choose which one. In spite of many late December nights, I hope you had a very happy Christmas and I wish you tons of success in the New Year!!

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