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Today has been an especially delightful day in the land of e-mail checking.  I really do have the kindest customers.  Here's some notes I received today.

You guys really get it.

I got a package in the mail yesterday. I opened it and expected to find three bowties. What I did not expect was a personal, handwritten note and wrapping that had obviously been placed there with care and consideration.

I just thought you should know that this attitude is what makes people smile and want to come back for more.

And the bowties are amazing, by the way.

Have a nice day!

-Håkon,  Norway

OK, I am a huge fan.  I just received my tie a week or so ago, and I just love it.  Splendid product.  Great price.  And it just feels right when I put it on.

Thank you.  Your product is smile-inducing.

Crorey, New Orleans, LA

I received my bow tie today, it was packed like a present for myself and the bow tie itself is really beautiful craftsmanship,thanks a lot!


Ronald, The Netherlands

**Photos are a sneak peek of a seersucker neck tie I made for Andy a few weeks back.  We'll try to get them on the website soon.



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Adrian Jones
Adrian Jones

July 10, 2011

Oh man! great tie! I need this in my life immediately. Please contact me when these are available!


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