TO TIE YOUR BOW-TIE tee shirts!

Are you ready for this?

Yeah, I know. Awesome.  The best thing is that these are hand-screen-printed right here in Rock Hill, SC, by our man Jon Jennings of DogHead Studio and hand-drawn by our man Stephen Crotts of S. Crotts Illustration, again, right here in Rock Hill, SC.

This is obviously the perfect gift for your bow tie-hating hipster friend who wants to be ironic.  Or for your bow tie-loving friend who can't quite pull the trigger on rocking an actual bow tie.  Or for the spouse of a knucklehead aspiring bow tie rocker who can't seem to figure out the mechanics of getting the thing knotted up properly.  Better that he stares at you than a computer screen while he curses his way up the learning curve, right? Umm…right.

Run on over to the store and pick up your 100% Cotton navy blue TO TIE YOUR BOW-TIE tee shirt today.  As with all our handmade pieces of sartorial glory, allow up to 2 weeks for this to be produced and shipped.

**If you happen to be in the Boston or Charlotte regions this weekend, you can pick these up in person at the Top Shelf Flea and Muse Fest, respectively.



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