366 Bow Ties: Day 1

Happy New Year!

Today is Day 1 of 366 consecutive days in which I will be wearing one of The Cordial Churchman's own handcrafted bow ties. Every day of 2012, I'll wear a new, different bow tie handmade by us here in Carolina.

This means that we'll be pulling old ill-fitting shirts out of the back of the closet, raiding my necktie vault, and grabbing every piece of interesting fabric we can get our hands on to make 366 different bow ties.

And of course, sometimes--like this morning, for instance--I'll simply raid The Cordial Churchman studio and grab a bow tie that's available in our store.


But either way, you'll have a chance to purchase the Bow Tie of the Day for yourself, whether it be a unique one-of-a-kind piece, or whether it be one of our best selling ties. It will come to you, authenticated with the date it appeared in this project. You'll be the envy of all your bow tie aficionado friends.

What a frivolous, perhaps even narcissistic, New Years Resolution, you might be thinking. Well, besides the fact that I don't believe one should ever feel obligated to apologize for rocking a bow tie, there's another angle on this. We're still ironing out the details, but The Cordial Churchman will be donating the proceeds from the sale of each Bow Tie of the Day to an exciting, reputable charity that changes the lives of impoverished young people in the developing world. It's our hope to give away $10,000 this year. More details to come.

In the mean time, spread the word. Keep your eyes peeled for daily posts. Interact with other shameless bow tie enthusiasts on our Facebook page. Follow the insanity on my Tumblr. Grab hold of The Cordial Churchman's Twitter feed. Keep up with the project on Instagram (@arstager).

This is going to be a difficult project. It's going to be hard not to wear neckties for a whole year. It's going to be tough to only wear some of my favorite bow ties once this year. (Like the Theodore diamond-point herringbone wool with mohair I wore today. A friend asked me if I had a white dog. I gave him a textile education.) But this is going to be loads of fun.





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The Cordial Churchman’s 366 Bow Ties « Great Lakes Prep

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