366 Bow Ties: Day 4


Isn't a bow tie enough? Why add a kelley green cardigan? is it St. Patrick's Day? Or did you have a Guinness in the shower instead of coffee this morning?

To answer your question, a bow tie is definitely enough. I wouldn't normally be so peacocky. But the problem is, I have a green cardigan, which I like a lot, and I'm doing this thing where I have to wear a bow tie every day. I'm already foregoing neckties for 366 days. I'm not going to add kelley green cardigans to the abstention list.

Hence, outfit.

The bow tie is the Malcolm, rendered in Club Diamond (a punchy bow tie cut, of course. Consistency!). It's silk tweed. Which makes it, and you--if you buy it--automatically awesome.


The Malcolm is available regularly on our store for the affordable price of $29. But this one, and this one alone is available for the throwback Cordial Churchman price of just $23.


With all that punchiness up top, it's brown from the waist down. Except for the socks, of course, which goes without saying.



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B. Howard
B. Howard

January 05, 2012

I’m enjoying this series so far. You really outdid yourself with the 366 concept. It’s fun to see where the bowties will accompany you next. So far, you’re pulling it off without it seeming dandyish or cliched.

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