366 Bow Ties: Day 7

20120107-183222.jpg20120107-192543.jpg Bow ties on Saturdays are going to be tricky. It was incredibly warm for January, perfect for my boy Owen's backyard birthday party. So I picked something that was kind of summery, but not seersucker or linen. 20120107-192553.jpg
This used to be called the Patrick when it was a reversible bow tie with another fabric on the reverse. Get this for St Patrick's Day. Madras and bold, but not "loud". 20120107-192603.jpg I write from the Chick Fil A playground, which stinks worse than a high school locker room. But the boys can run off their sugar high. 20120107-192623.jpg
Run over to the store and grab today's tie. More interesting prose promised tomorrow.




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