366 Bow Ties in 2012: Day 11


All my blue and white oxford shirts seem to be in the laundry at once. And my navy blazer needs replaced. So I headed to the mountains with a pile of sweaters, an assortment of odd jackets, and a stack of bow ties. What's the problem? It's tricky to find complementary patterns and colors when each of 4 potential layers are all patterned and colored.


Usually when I'm in this situation, I reach for a solid colored bow tie--a chambray usually works. But I'm a mere 11 days into this 366 day project and I've already done a lot of chambray. Anyway, today I opted for a brand new, never-seen-before Donegal Tweed in straight batwing. It looks kind of ridiculous with all the other patterns and colors. But then again, I'm the guy with the Wellies on, who's wearing a bow tie every day for 366 days. So 'ridiculous', in my case, is pretty relative. You be the judge. Does it work?


I spent the day in lectures. The lecturer lectured in front of a fire in a stone fireplace. This is good.

You've only got one shot at purchasing this gorgeous tweed bow tie. After this single one is gone, the Bow Tie of the Month Society members will have first crack at them at a whole line of them in February. At the end of the month, if there are any left, you'll get another shot at them.

What's Donegal Tweed? I'm glad you asked, because it gives me the opportunity to point you to the fantastic piece Put This On recently did on a new-old weaver.

And if that didn't do anything for you, watch this: if you're not moved, you probably don't have a soul.

Who's ready for the planned, nubby imperfections of a beautiful Donegal tweed?



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