366 Bow Ties: Day 16 -- Keeping with the polka dots

Polka dots. You can't have too much of this good a thing. This time, dark green with densely populated white polka dottage. This was a silk Lands' End necktie that seemed wider than the ocean just a couple days back. It's really come into its own as a bow tie--don't you agree?

Ellie likes to make fun of my entrepreneurial brand of vanity by snapping photos of me while I'm getting ready for her to snap photos of me. Look--you understand, don't you? If you're going to wear critter socks, you might as well make sure the critters are handsomely arranged on your ankle.

When you get all accessorized haberdashed up top, sometimes it's good to mellow things out down below. Thus, 501s--my favorite pair of jeans ever, so far. Something about these Oak Street Bootmakers penny loafers also makes things look put together without seeming 'polished'. I think it's the natural tone of the supple Horween Chromexcel leather, with the lighter tone of the leather sole. The critters help, too.

You may have noticed a new piece of detailed silliness on my lapel. That there is a cloth lapel flower made my another husband-and-wife duo that goes by J&HP. They run a little East Nashville boutique where they carry their own line of shirts, vests, and accessories, as well as doctored up, modernized vintage pieces--lots of stuff with elbow patches. Obviously I approve. And of course, their signature lapel flowers. I like their logo. Give a click and check out their stuff.

But don't forget to run over to the store and grab this Day 16 beauty of a polka dotted bow tie. It won't last long. It's one of a kind.





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