366 Bow Ties: Day 23


Camouflage. It's really not my thing. I like it and all, but I'm just not Tough Guy enough to feel legit wearing it. Originally, I felt the same way about our camo bow tie: good for others, not for me. Something about the rainy weather and another excuse to wear my Wellies gave me the mojo to rock the camo today.


This old oxford is getting beat to shreds on the collar. Maybe the only way to wear a worn collared oxford with a bow tie is if it's a rough-and-tumble, uber-manly camo bow tie? I don't know. Just speculation.


I finally got a chance to study today in my studio space, where I am the lone "thinker" among a bunch of doers--visual artists to be specific. Another reason I have no business wearing camo. I'm going to miss this studio space when the group moves out in a month or so.


Grab this very camouflage diamond-point bow tie today. Grab one in any cut any day (until we run out of fabric). Better yet, send us your Desert BDUs from your tour in Iraq or Afghanistan, and we'll make you a bow tie out of them--one that you can proudly pass along to your sons and grandsons. (And yes, we've done this before, which did us a great honor.)



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