366 Bow Ties: Day 30

"Your bow tie is crooked. Here, lemme help…"

"Naw, it's okay. Thanks, though."

Help a man if his collar is unknowingly flipped up. Certainly notify him if the barn door is open. But unless you're real purty and/or have some nice smelling perfume on, just let the disheveled bow tie be.

A little messy in the presentation goes a long way toward dispelling any doubts that it might not be a tie-it-yourself bow tie. And since you can't usually undo the top button and loosen the bow tie the way you can when wearing a necktie, a messy tie job is one of the key ways that you can casual-ize a bow tie look. (Of course I don't think there's anything wrong with wearing formal wear and having a disheveled bow tie either, but whatever.)

When Ellie's not around and the sun is about to go down, I usually employ my 5-year-old Deacon to snap a few photos. He loves this, but that boy can't hold the camera very still. Ah, well...

Monday's tie was the Heiko, a navy gingham intriguingly cut not on the bias, and rendered here in diamond-point. Named after my good dual-citizen friend and colleague. Heiko ain't from around here. The good southern people in his congregation call him HIIIIIIYYYY-KOOOOOHHH. Still two syllables, I suppose, but you could walk to Deutschland and back in the time it takes them to greet the poor guy. (Just like the Sinclair of some time ago, I haven't been able to get Heiko into a Heiko.)

Hey, here's an old photo of my buddy Cameron modeling the Heiko last year. That photo shoot was not supposed to include me as a model. Then one of the models got all sick. So my tubby arse had to model. Tubbier then than now by a smidge.

Makes you want to buy this bow tie, doesn't you? I knew it would. Slight discount for this one only. Usually available in our store.





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February 01, 2012

You must have written this for me…I can’t stand the messy bow tie look! And you are getting too skinny. But I really DO like the Heiko! Cameron looks very put together here!

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