366 Bow Ties: Day 35

The occasion was Char Cam's 30th Birthday. Since it was his birthday, he celebrated it his way: firing guns, igniting things, showing off his new pigs, and eating other people's food.

It was an opportunity to try a little Country Gentleman style. I'm not sure I succeeded. What goes with a black jacket-vest? Probably not an old powder blue cardigan and a pale blue bow tie. Oh well. So I brought my pretty lady friend along with me, and that covers a multitude of sins. Ain't she pretty?

I'm not even certain what this bow tie is made out of. I'm guessing a silk-wool blend. Very luxurious hand. Subtle herringbone weave (is that what you call it?). Muted green and tan pattern. A snazzy bow tie that would do the trick in winter as well as spring.

The reason we call him Char Cam ("Charles Cameron") is because he came to a town that didn't have room for another "Cameron". See that truck there? That's Cameron's truck. Which Cameron? CAMERON Cameron. I.e., not Char Cam. See how that works?

I'm so not an outdoorsman. I love being outdoors, but that's not the same thing as being an outdoorsman. But with the Wellies and the old Custom Deluxe on the farm, I'd have fooled you, no?

These two fire photographs are a good metaphor for the evolution of a bow tie wearer. You start out guns-a-blazin'. BOOM! I'm wearing a bow tie! Everybody, look! No one can miss your bow tie. You are self-conscious about it all day. You're almost exhausted at the end of the day because of how self-conscious you've been, and from fielding questions and replying to comments about your bow tie all day.

By the time you've worn a bow tie 366 times, however, you almost forget it's on. It's natural. People are used to you in it. The fire is a slow, steady burn. Nice to look at, but not obnoxious.

Okay, that's pretty silly.

Buy this bow tie.





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Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith

March 03, 2012

I found your blog this early morning for the first time. I followed the link from the Cordial Churchman website. I have had a few bow ties in my 100+ tie collection but hadn’t worn one to work for years. I enjoyed your comparison you made between the first day wearing a bow tie and watching a fire. Silly, you’re right; but you captured the experience accurately. It was my first “insecure” day at work in a long time—reverence to the power of the bow.

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