366 Bow Ties: Days 72-74. SPRING!

When I put on my Wolverine 1000 Mile boots the other morning, I had no idea that it'd be one of the most gorgeous days of 2012. Perhaps should have gone with sockless pennies---but those days are coming for sure. No rush.

I spent Monday afternoon on the front porch of our good friends' house, watching their kids, and reading Alan Jacobs, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction ...

... and wearing this handmade silk bow tie, lovingly fashioned by my bride. And what a swell job she did. Buy it here. Now. Quick. Or it's gone. (Isn't it annoying when people do that with sentence fragments. Or mere words?)

Tuesday was spent at a Presbytery meeting in Columbia. I assure you, I wore a bow tie, though I can't seem to find photographs of it. It was an old, pre-professional Ellie polka dot necktie conversion, unsuitable for sale, though probably museum-worthy. And it helped me win favor for my church plant proposal.

Which called for celebration.

And then Wednesday was amazing. The sky. The birds theologizing. The sidewalk chalk. 

The handlebar mustache-in-the-making. The sold-before-we-could-even-list-it-or-blog-about-it bow tie. 

The window sil in the Courtroom.

And we finished our day right, too. With sushi. Actually, we finished our day brainstorming for an awesome event to celebrate the opening of the new Cordial Churchman studio and the new Friday Arts Project headquarters. Oh man. It. Is. Going. To. Be. Amazing. More soon.



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