366 Bow Ties: Days 92, 93, 94 .......

Day 92: Linen. Bold, blue, no-nonsense linen in all its versatile, goes-with-anything-but-black, textured, breathable, linen.  The Craig, we say.

...goes especially well with a folksy postlude.

Grab this bow tie at a discount now.


And then there's Day 93: A patch madras day. Diamond point (classic is shown directly above; Day 93 is a diamond-point.) A double-date with the parents Uptown day. A blue blazer and khakis to keep things simple so that patch madras can do its thing day. A photo in front of the restaurant which is also in front of the historic First Presbyterian Church day.

And of course, an Oak Street Bootmakers penny loafer day. Oh---and a Bill's M3 khakis day.

In other words, a good day! Get this Emmett Madras.


Day 94 meant pale blue-green linen. As plain and straight-forward as the bold navy blue in Day 92, but subtle. Kind of like my Classic Concentration props to my adopted town. Like that?

Nice, huh? Luxurious linen. The Day 94 one is in straight batwing shape. We call it the Bates. Grab this one.


Day 95 called for navy gingham on a green linen button-down. I think you'll agree this is a strong combination. A good combo to wear while sitting on your intern's front porch doing sermon prep. We call it the Garrison. And it's handsome. Grab it.


I think that's sufficient for one post, no? A couple more catch-up posts (and listings), and we'll be all caught up!



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