366 Bow Ties: Couple days at Synod

The week started off with a rainy, slow, relatively back roads trip characterized by trucks like this plodding along. Kind of an apt metaphor for how the proceedings went this week. You can rock a bow tie (as, I'm happy to report, many delegates did), but zippy style by few doesn't make for snappy procedure by the many. Even if Robert himself was rocking the bow, his Rules don't lend themselves to much but plodding. Probably wise in the long run. But slow.

Turns out even Mr Snappy Bow Tie Guy wasn't so quick to snap the day's bow tie picture. So the mirror of the Black Rose Pub in historic downtown Hendersonville will have to do.

Straight batwing bow tie. Madras on one side; brown chambray on the other.

It was probably worth all the plodding of Tuesday to experience the sunset.

Wednesday found me downtown for a long afternoon break. I found a fellow bow-tie-every-day wearer downtown and he agreed to have a photograph made with me.

The bow tie is actually a gingham / silk reversible. The silk side has this cream and sky blue striped pattern with yellow flowers.  It can be had here. 

The evening's proceedings included reports from fraternal delegates of sister denominations. Dr Roy Taylor, the Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church in America, rocked his custom Cordial Churchman bow tie, which was designed for him, and named after him. The Cordial Churchman will be at the PCA's General Assembly in a few weeks, where we hope he'll rock this bow tie again. If you'll be there, you can get them there. If there are any left, you'll see them on the webstore afterward. It's a cotton blue and white stripe bow. More later on this.

We finally seem to be getting down to business here on Thursday morning. As you can tell by the above photo, it's moving at lightning speed! [Psyche!]

Red linen and Vito Madras. Two toned.

I love my friends in this denomination, and I kind of like Roberts Rules, a little pomp and circumstance, and even a little bit of controversy. So all in all, a good week.





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