366 Bow Ties: Day 174

Travel Day. And a gorgeous one it was. Akron to Pittsburgh to Rock Hill, mostly via West Virginia. Usually we're strictly an I-77 family, but a stop in Pittsburgh meant some unfamiliar road, which is always welcome.

Pittsburgh is really fantastic. After dropping honorary Churchman Casey Mink off to catch a bus to DC, Deacon and I headed to the Strip District for some coffee and doughnuts.

21st St Coffee was the joint. Intelligentsia coffee. $5. I have no problem spending $5 on regular coffee when the regular coffee is anything but regular. Single-cup brewing by pour over. Rare Kenyan beans. Mmmmm....

(St. Stanislaus church in the Strip District. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam)

The New River Gorge. Possibly the oldest river on the continent. Definitely one of the eldest in the world. Definitely also not new. The bridge is the 2nd tallest in the world. A Washington Monument and two Statues of Liberty tall.

Short sleeved madras - Vintage Gant. Grantham bow tie in straight batwing shape. Great texture to this bow. 100% linen. Kind of looks like vintage UNC-Chapel Hill. Get it while you can. Just this one is on sale.

You've got to make the best of your road trips. Especially if you have the luxury of not having a 15 month old baby and a 3 or 4 year old, stop and smell both the coffee and the roses.

Coming Soon: photos and info about our project in Haiti. Don't forget that 100% of our revenues from the 366 Bow Ties in 2012 project go straight to this project, which directly benefits children in this still-very-much-hurting country just a short distance south from the USA.

Also Coming Soon: a round-up of our week at the PCA General Assembly.





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