366 Bow Ties: Day 173

After a week of hawking bow ties to Presbyterians under fluorescent lights, generally keeping legs, arms and tattoos appropriately covered, it was time to get some shorts and short sleeves on and get some sunshine.

It was also the penultimate day of my and my right hand man's juice fast. So we decided to go hard core and hit some wheatgrass shots. I expected it to taste like grass clippings, but it actually tasted very sweet, and quite delicious. (Apparently this depends on the variety and the quality of the shot.) We're weird. Oh well.

I really like this bow tie. A very handsome pattern that remains--in my reckoning--masculine, despite the pale purples and dusty pink.

As I've said before, there's definitely a clowny element to an outfit that includes short sleeves and a bow tie. Add shorts ('short pants') and you're really just one foam ball nose away from actually being a clown. But then there's the tattoo! Saves the day! You're a bad mother after all.

So shall I tell myself.

Run and grab. Do hurry. 





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