366 Bow Ties for Haiti: The Fat and Skinny

A weekend ago we at The Cordial Churchman enjoyed our second appearance at the esteemed Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, South Carolina. This was a delightful experience, as it was two years ago, and one that we look forward to sharing with artisans and crafters in the coming years.

Somehow in all the hustle and bustle of selling bow ties, showing guys and gents how to tie one of these suckers, and making very, very strategic trades with Sweeteeth Chocolate (!), I forgot to snap a photo of my bow tie of the day in action. But here it is in its boring, static form.

Sheesh, you can't even quite tell that this is dark navy blue. Ah well, you'll have to take my word for it. Half vintage necktie silk; half red linen. Sharp as nails. Get it here.


We also had the pleasure of meeting a couple fine young television journalists with SCETV at The Cordial Churchman studios this past week. Ellie and I clumsily told the story of TCC's origins and prognosticated about its future. Let's hope these journalists are also stellar editors so that they can come up with something coherent that doesn't make us look like the goobers that we kind of are! Ultimately, it will be available for us to see here.

I chose a distinctly fall and winter bow tie: a gray tweed wool diamond point. Simple, but smart, you'll agree.

Grab it here.


Ahhh, Sundays. Love them Sundays. That's a pretty table there, but pretty quickly after the photo was taken, it was covered with hot dogs, pickles and chips and crowded with kiddos and grown ups for a delightful Sunday supper.

And here was the setting for said meal: a beautiful home in Historic East Town Rock Hill, SC. Our friends recently moved here partly in order to be really close to where our church meets and ministers. I'm glad they did, because that means frequent hot dog suppers!


Picked a super duper skinny reversible silk bow tie---navy with polka dots and gray, made, I'm assuming, by Dominique, our most abstract visual artist and haberdasher---for my Sunday swag. Snappy smart, I think. Kind of hipster, too, whatever that means.

There may be more super duper narrow bow ties coming your way, but this is one of a kind. Grab it here.



Friday I found myself attending the inauguration of Reformed Theological Seminary's new Chancellor, Mike Milton. I enjoy all the pomp and circumstance of these occasions. It's also stimulating to hear from and interact with folks who have been working in my field for longer than I've been in existence. It helped remind me that, D.V., I'll have another of my own lifetimes to do some neat, meaningful things.


I chose a great, subtle, versatile, classic shaped, season-stratling bow tie for the not-exactly-summer/not-exactly-fall occasion.

See these subtle hints of blue and red in with the neutral foundation? See the fantastic texture? Go and get it.

And don't forget that all these proceeds go to Haiti, to help children get a good education in a stimulating, life-changing environment.










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