366 Bow Ties for Haiti: The 280s

DAY 280:  The Rubik in Narrow.  From our top-shelf line.  Get one here!

DAY 281:  Navy Linen.  Diamond Point.  Very nice.  Yours is here.

DAY 282:  Our archived Morrison Classic:  houndstooth and solid khacki reversible.  Get it here.
DAY 283:  Another archive, the Malcolm Classic.  Get yours here.

DAY 284:  Sharp & snazzy.  Pink linen with pinstripe / green and navy striped silk reversible.  Club Diamond.  Here it is.

DAY 285:  Brown wool with almost microscopic dots.  Classic cut.  Get it here.

DAY 286:  Another special from our top-shelf line:  The Orville.  Club Diamond. Grab it here.

DAY 287:  The sold-out Bates makes another appearance with a navy silk striped red and green in a straight batwing reversible.  Here it is.

DAY 289:  A trusty Diamond Point Neal. Get yours here.
Every last cent goes to support children in Haiti!




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