366 Bow Ties: Day 144

We have this little ensemble. We call ourselves The Perfect Melancholies when we play at the Old Town Market and other things. We also happen to be the music ensemble for Hill City Church, which is the new church we're starting in Rock Hill.

Wednesday night was what my old prof used to call a 'tweener. We played lots of our market tunes (folktified versions of U2 and the Cranberries; a few Over the Rhine, Patty Griffin, and Randy Newman tunes, etc.), but since it was a church BBQ, and the reason we got the gig was because they liked our take on the old hymns one Wednesday night in the church fellowship hall, we played some of those, too.

The home was from the first half of the 19th Century, and was haunted by antebellumness of various sorts. We played on the front porch to a happily BBQ'd audience.

(Above 3 Photos by Bill Marion)

And I wore a snappy combo, perfect for the event---if I must say so myself. Brown chambray on one side; green candy-stripe cotton on the other side, cut in classic shape. Throw in the blue jeans, the suspenders, the new US ARMY eyeglasses, and the bucks, and I think that about did the trick.

Grab this bow tie and get yourself to an antebellum BBQ pronto. Or throw one yourself. Be sure to invite The Perfect Melancholies to play on the front porch.



Deacon's First Email

This is Deacon's first ever email.  We were making arrangements to head to dinner at the home of our friends Stephen and Erica.  Deacon dictated this message to them.  Ellie served as amanuensis. 

Dear Stephen and Erica,

Come stay to your house the longest.  Stephen and Erica come to my house next.  Play games with me at my house and I want to play games at your house too.  Stephen and Erica go run with me outside of my house and yours.  Stephen and Erica Go!  I don't want Erica to run.  Going is a race sport.  I want to run with Stephen.  Stephen's great at running.  Stephen go fast!  Stephen and Erica I want you to run and jump.  I want Stephen to do those things.  Erica can't do those things.  It's too hard for her.  I think stephen is the best.  Erica is pretty.  I love her.  I don't like to eat Stephen and Erica.  Grown-ups are yucky.  Toys are yucky too.  That's all.



February 13, 2010


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The Antique Swan Couch

We're in the middle of a renovation on our living room right now - actually for the past six months!  Starting with the hardwood floors, my husband totally refinished them.  Then he went on to paint all of the wood paneling, the ceiling now some built in shelving, and soon the doors.   I've been avoiding shopping for this room for all this time because I knew we wouldn't have anywhere to put it, but a couple of weeks ago, I found my anchor piece!  So now I would like to present my antique swan couch.  One of the coolest couches I've ever seen!



So after looking and looking and looking for almost a year at couches, I'm so happy to have just the right one - and found at a reasonable price from a habitat for humanity store. We hope to have the room all done painting very soon and we can start decorating and making curtains. I'm so excited!

I may as well show you another thrifted item I found on New Years Eve. This is a pretty cool vinyl chair. I got it for $40 at goodwill.  I'm not sure if it will end up in the room with the swan couch or somewhere else.  Isn't it fun?