O how I love you, my little O

You make me smile when:

you are all bundled up like a little burrito in the night time.

you tightly hold on to my necklace as we walk through the house.

you decide that holding your head up is too tiring, so you just let it flop.


you make those faces that makes me wonder if you're going to really smile at me.

you get your diaper changed and I get to see how beautifully fat your thighs and belly have gotten.

you spit-up on your papa.

you actually believe me when I tell you that everything will be alright.



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February 29, 2008

He is so gorgeous! I’m am sitting here bawling like a baby! I cannot WAIT to get to know this new little one…he’s changed his appearance so much already! Please hurry up and get here!

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