Yes, I will ride that horse once again

Yesterday, I had the privilege of playing music for a young mothers conference that was here in Columbia. It featured the speaker, Ginger Plowman, who I actually really enjoyed. There were two sessions in the conference. For each session, I played 2 group songs for everyone to sing together and one of my own songs. This was my first time performing music since December. I was a bit nervous and excited to do it once again.

It was the perfect excuse to go out and buy a new outfit. Even though I had to wade through the mall with both children, it was kindof fun. I realized that it's much better for me to find one small store I like than to shop in a big department store. I think that I prefer the small palette of colors as opposed to the rainbow explosion that you'll find in a bigger store. But once I found that store (and bought Deacon a snack and nursed Owen in that store's dressing room while Deacon made a mess with the contents of my wallet), things started running much more smoothly. I even took a chance on a pair of gold snake-skin peep-toe shoes to complete the ensemble. Even though they left no less than three blisters on my feet by the end of the conference, they were positively womanly and feminine which was really fun.

So now I feel like my "maternity leave" from performing music is officially over. Even though I am not going to jump back into things full throttle, I do have a number of performances lined up for this spring. I'll play at a few coffee shops, a few private events, a few churches, one barbecue, and even another woman's conference. I'd love to try to arrange a real concert with a band, but that's not in the plans for right now. I'm starting slow.

Also I thought that I would mention that I found a website that let me set up an online store for free. So if you are interested in purchasing the CD or letting a friend know about it, please send them to I have plans for an "" down the road that will link to all of my other sites (blog, itunes, myspace, online store) but I have to find someone who is a bit smarter than me to do that.



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