tomorrow, we get to try it all over again

Yesterday I got pretty exhausted with mothering. It was just one of those days where things keep happening one after another. As much as I love having an infant, there are times that can be really trying on me. Owen was so run down from being over tired yesterday that he had quite the meltdown. Deacon, too, was acting very much his age when I tried to take him (and Owen) shopping. That was a bad idea. One should never attempt shopping with a grumpy two year old and two month old.

When we were at the store, Deacon saw a soccer ball on the ground and insisted on me bouncing it. Well, soccer balls don't bounce very well. D didn't really like that. Then he wanted to get out of the cart (or buggy as they say in SC) and hold the ball. He held the ball and started pacing around the store saying "find basket". I found a real basket and told him to put the ball inside the basket. But D said "scared basket". For some reason the basket frightened him. Then I had to go to the grocery store to buy some beer for Andy's birthday. It's special beer you can only get in Ohio. I must have looked so strange with a toddler in the cart (but trying very hard to climb out) and a baby in the sling and my 12 pack of beer. But we made it through the check-out. They didn't even card me, I must be getting old!


This morning the boys were back to their joyful selves. Smiling and playing like two sweet, normal children. They are both taking naps now and the house is eerily quiet. I'm thankful for good nights of sleep and new mornings. When they smile at me, I seem to forget all about the stress they put me through the day before.



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