New dress and tiny ice cream cones


Well, here are the promised new dress photos.  I'm all ready for Andy to take me out dancing.  Although that would require a babysitter, extra cash and actual dancing moves.  None of which I actually have right now.

I found it at a thrift store that is run by the Rock Hill Junior Welfare League.  Great little shop.  I got Deacon a pair of WHITE (what was I thinking?) church pants and a pair of pink converse high tops for my dear friend's daughter, Olivia.  

I found this black lacy shrug at a consignment store this morning, which also compliments the dress nicely, don't you think?  I went back and forth on this purchase.  It was a whole $7, but I just didn't know if it would be useful enough.  Now I think I'm glad I bought it.

At that same store, I found a lovely shelf for the house.  Very vintage looking, but I have no idea if it is.  I'll have Andy hang it up and I'll show you that once we find the perfect place for it.  I'm glad to have found so many nice shops here in Rock Hill, but really, with the two little ones, it is not an easy task to just hop into a small store and try on clothes.  

Finally, while I'm showing pictures, I thought I'd share this one of the boys.  They are eating tiny little ice cream cones.  Perfect for tiny little hands.





February 23, 2009

You look SO pretty! I love the dress and the lacy thing is really cool… good find el!


February 28, 2009

Hurray for pink converse! Speaking of shoes, what size is Owen in? I picked up an almost brand new pair of Baby Gap sneakers in size 5 at the thrift here. If they’ll fit him I can send them your way. They were such good shoes I couldn’t pass them up even though they are too small for anyone here.

I love your dress. Your looking pretty smokin’ too!

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