So, I'm really getting into sewing these days

I'm realizing that downtime is more fun if you have a needle and thread nearby.  Right now I have a little purse that I just made that needs a couple little stitches sitting right next to me.  I'm so thankful for websites like PurlBee, MadeByRae, and Threadbanger that offer fool proof tutorials and patterns (mostly for free) for dummies like me.  Sewing is a newish hobby for me so I need all the instruction, and color photos I can get!  There's a couple of books that have been catching my eye that seem like they may be great **ahem ahem*** mother's day presents or birthday presents (May 10 and May 9 respectively).

Weekend Sewing is another book that has made its way up on the list.  Lots of projects you can make in a weekend.  That's right up my alley.  I like being able to finish something shortly after I started.  That's why I couldn't really get into crocheting and knitting.

Bend the Rules with Fabric isn't exactly out yet... but it looks SO cool!  Her other book, Bend The Rules Sewing is a great book for beginning sewers.  Her blog is great too, she shares yummy recipies, her crafty projects and even pictures of her handmade underwear!!!

So, that's all I have to say about that.  Off to work on my PURSE.  I'll share photos when I'm done and when Andy brings the cord from the camera home from work.*ahem, ahem**




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