For a new bride

I made this apron for a bridal shower gift this weekend.  I thought it turned out great, I was so happy to give it away but part of me really wanted to keep it for myself!  It was my first time really following a real pattern.  I thought it turned out pretty nice.  

I like the internet patterns better because of all the great color pictures, but I think I did alright doing it the old fashioned way.  I had both the fabric which I found in a remnant bin at Schoolhouse Fabrics in Virginia and the pattern stashed away in a drawer so I didn't have to buy anything new to get it made for the bridal shower.  

As I folded it up, I thought it was so lovely by itself that I opted to not wrap it.  

The future bride held it up to her body and with her black high heeled pumps and classic shoulder length hairdo she looked like someone straight out of the 50's.  I hope she enjoys it.



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April 22, 2009

This apron is SO AWESOME! Are you making me an identical one for, um…mother’s day? or ANY day?

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