Ikea Scrap Fabric into an Adorable Purse

Yesterday, I had the wonderful pleasure of spending the afternoon with a very sweet six year old girl.  The first thing we did together was make a purse.  She completely designed this purse.  Choosing the fabric, size, and decorating it with bows.  She even had ideas of how she wanted the straps and the pockets to be.  I was so impressed with her enthusasm and we had so much fun creating.  She told me I'd be a good mom to girls... maybe someday.  Or maybe I'll just have to have fun with other people's daughters.

One great thing was that all this fabric was FREE from IKEA.  They have a bin filled with small pieces of remnants that they said I could take.  The pieces were very small, but not too small to make a purse, apparently.  If you are a sewer, check out your IKEA for super fun free fabric.

I'm thinking about taking some of the pieces I have to decoupage a shelf... but that's a post for another day.



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June 19, 2009

I am so glad that Grace was able to spend the afternoon with a very crafty mom! I’m sure she believes you would be a good mom to girls…I never make such things with her :-) You, my friend, are setting her expectations high from this point forward. Well, I could always just send her back to Rock Hill for a visit with you! She told me that you were “very cool, fun, and creative.” Thank you for taking such good care of her. P.S. Please tell Andy that we received his card in the mail. We are also very happy to have brothers and sisters praying for us and rejoicing with us in SC. Jeff would really like to get together with Andy sometime when we are visiting.

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