Women's Ribbon Belt

This morning, I made this pink and red ribbon belt.  I'm experimenting with different accessories to hopefully start an online shop soon.  I thought this turned out pretty well.  I love the colors, but I would like to get a sturdier set of D-Rings.  And maybe a bit more feminine too.  What are your thoughts?  I'm trying to decide if I should go back to the fabric store and snatch up all the ribbon they have like this.  

It also makes a pretty fun baby toy.  Although I think this baby thought the camera on the macbook was even better.  


 Speaking of cameras, I'm going to just bite the bullet and buy another camera today or tomorrow.  I'm hoping that I can sell some things like this belt and bow ties to justify the purchase of 2 cameras in a matter of 6 months.  Too bad Canon couldn't fix it, it was a great one.  They didn't care about my sob story, apparently.



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