More Bow Ties to add to the store

I was a busy little bee today making bow ties, another ascot and a custom wool scarf today.  Tonight, I want to show you the bow ties.  I've got some pretty fun ties to add to my mix.  I didn't realize it until I was taking pictures, but I must have had red on the brain.  These first three ties are conversions from neck ties.  All very lovely if you ask me.

The next two are made with 100% wool fabric.  Perfect for fall.

This one is a pinstripe linen to replace the blue pinstripe linen that I previously had.  I wasn't able to get any more blue fabric, but I think this fabric is pretty nice.

And finally, these two ties were a custom order from a gentleman who wanted his ties to be pre-tied.  They are 100% wool as well.  I'm thinking of adding these to my "wool bow tie line".  They obviously don't have to be pre-tied.  What do you think about these fabrics for bow ties?

I'm hoping to get these photographed and officially on my store this weekend but know that they are available if you're too antsy to wait.  Tomorrow, I'll have to show off this cool patch-tweed wool scarf that I made and the newest ascot.

Related to the Ascot: We discovered that you're only supposed to have one button open, not two.  When Andy changed this he looked much less self-righteous.  I think I'm coming around to liking them after-all - they're really fun to make too and they actually don't look bad on girls.





October 30, 2009

I really like the last grey check tie. I have about 4 outfits it would work with


October 05, 2009

Ellie -

Your ties, and your “Death Row” pics are an artsy scream. We are so proud of your creativity and digital marketing sense.

As you know, I remain totally inept at tying a bow tie. However, I am enticed by the notion of a blue plaid pre-tied bow tie. I will work on my Treasurer (Jacque) to free up some capital soon.

Again, you are truly amazing. We love you.

Papa Bob

The Doctor
The Doctor

October 13, 2009

The “rules” for button unbuttoning are as follows:
One button during the day;
Two buttons during the evening; and
Three buttons if you can see the Mediterranean.

Of course, personal preference is also part of it; I never unbutton more than one except for very good—and very temporary—reasons.


September 25, 2009


Great job on the bow ties. I’ve been following your handy work over on the Curriculum and it is quite impressive. I really like that glen plaid wool bow tie above; I’m assuming it came from an old suit?

Also, I’m liking the idea of an ascot on a girl…

Keep up the good work.


October 01, 2009

very nice indeed! I love the fabrics! maybe dad needs one of the “pretied” ones? (Christmas??)

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