Showcase Fridays

I'm going to try and start sharing some of the great photos that I receive from you wearing my bow ties each Friday.  

Here's a great shot of David wearing the Benjamin Madras bow tie which is unfortunately sold out.  David blogged about his second time ever wearing a bow tie recently.  Here's a quote from his post:

There's a doctor in the building at work who has a "friendy mutton chops" beard and wears a bow tie everyday.  I happened to walk by him today in the hall and we gave each other a head nod as to say "Yes, we may look like knuckelheads with our bow ties but we are also pretty damn awesome because we can pull it off."  We said all that in a nod, it was powerful.

Please e-mail me your pictures wearing The Cordial Churchman bow ties and I'll share them every Friday.



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August 20, 2010

I’m famous!

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