366 Bow Ties: Day 21


Today Ellie grabbed a bunch of fabrics from this year's winter bow tie offerings and made a very random patchwork scarf. Then she got the idea to do the same for a bow tie. The result is Day 21's "What's Left of Winter" bow tie. You can wear it many different ways. You could wear it every day of the week and tie it differently. You know, if you wanted to do something like that.


Most importantly, you can buy it here. There's only one. Patchwork can be a pain in the neck to make, so if something like this is available in the future, you can bet that it won't be at the incredible price of $29.


I also sported a lapel flower that Ellie made out of the 'Addison' fabric. Dang, she's good. You have to jab a hole in the boutonnière 'buttonhole' on the lapel of your jacket in order to stick the button on the back of the lapel flower through. I've oopsed and sliced outside the lines on accident, but who cares. Since everyone already knows me as the bow tie dork, and the rain boots dork, I'm afraid I'm going to kind of make the lapel flower my thing. It's a good thing.


Ellie was with the ladies for a fancy birthday dinner tonight, so it was pizza and beer night again for the guys. It turns out that as long as the pizza is good, and the beer is good, pizza and beer taste just as good on Saturday night as they do on Friday night. We gents joined all the yuppie soccer moms in Charlotte in wearing rain boots. Transformers for Owen, camo for Deacon, Le Chameau for yours truly. (Somehow Cliffe didn't end up with socks or shoes on. Whoops. Like I said, it was guys' night.)


We ended up at the bookstore, of course, since a man needs a legitimate cup of coffee (and the boys need an M&M cookie) after dinner. The train table occupied them longer than usual, but then we had story time, which is always as participatory as possible.


Speaking of participatory: buy this bow tie. The cash goes to bless children in Haiti who are being helped the most cordial of churchmen and churchwomen. We can't wait to tell you more about how all that works when the details are ironed out. But we can tell you that these first 20 days of 2012 have brought in over $500 for this project.

Here are just three examples of how this baby can be tied.  I don't think we've ever made a more versatile bow tie.

Enjoy your Sunday. Be thankful for the luxuries you enjoy, the rest you're granted, and the opportunities you have to change the world in humble but significant ways.




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